Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Doodling the Demon

An old friend sent me these pics from the past. I used to doodle these kinds of things while sitting in church during sermon time. There's no telling how many of these drawings are out there. I used to just give or throw them away.
I remember a couple of instances where my drawing demons in church made a few people nervous but my friends always played along and we would have some fun. The first time was during a recording session for a youth musical. While another person was recording their part, I was doodling a demon on the chalkboard. Some lady passed thru and quietly asked the youth minister (though I could hear her) about it. He said, "Yes, he draws those all the time. We're counseling with him."
The second time, I was in the lobby of the gym at church sitting with a bunch of friends. The new lady working behind the counter came out and was curious about what I was doing. She said, "Why do you draw things like that?"
"I just draw what I see," I replied.
"You see demons?" she asked.
"Yes, and angels too," I said.
Sensing an opportunity to catch me in my lie, she asked me, "Well, if you can see angels, what does my guardian angel look like?"
"Tired," I replied.
We all busted a gut and the lady and I introduced ourselves to each other. Turned out she was pretty cool and was just wanting to mess with me. What she didn't realize was that I was gonna mess right back.