Friday, August 25, 2006


I don't mind embarassing myself. This site is dedicated to cleaning out the closet and showing the world that I have done some crappy art and will continue to do so. Everything that travels from my brain to my hand isn't worthy of Michelangelo (the artist, not the turtle).
This particular TMNT portrayal was done in the late 80's. This, I suppose, is Leonardo because of the sword. I should have drawn Raphael with his sais. He was my favorite at the time because he was a loose cannon. And I'm not talking about the TV or movie turtles but the very first incarnation from the comics when it was very dark. It's all just a bit too silly for me now that I've grown up.
What's that, Sarah? Oh, okay. Sorry guys...gotta go. We're gonna watch the Clone Wars cartoon.

Gallery Presence

Back in the early days of pursuing my art education, I had the opportunity to exhibit at a gallery in Pensacola called "Art on the Tracks." It was a funky little endeavor and some good art was shone while it was in existence. We even hosted an exhibit of art by Howard Finster at one time.
I found this poster today and it set my mind to wandering and wondering about those days...wondering what's happened to those folks. Are they still doing art? Still in Pensacola?
Me? I'm very happy to be making art again and actually having my work in a gallery in Seattle. Now, if only some of it would sell.