Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Doodling the Demon

An old friend sent me these pics from the past. I used to doodle these kinds of things while sitting in church during sermon time. There's no telling how many of these drawings are out there. I used to just give or throw them away.
I remember a couple of instances where my drawing demons in church made a few people nervous but my friends always played along and we would have some fun. The first time was during a recording session for a youth musical. While another person was recording their part, I was doodling a demon on the chalkboard. Some lady passed thru and quietly asked the youth minister (though I could hear her) about it. He said, "Yes, he draws those all the time. We're counseling with him."
The second time, I was in the lobby of the gym at church sitting with a bunch of friends. The new lady working behind the counter came out and was curious about what I was doing. She said, "Why do you draw things like that?"
"I just draw what I see," I replied.
"You see demons?" she asked.
"Yes, and angels too," I said.
Sensing an opportunity to catch me in my lie, she asked me, "Well, if you can see angels, what does my guardian angel look like?"
"Tired," I replied.
We all busted a gut and the lady and I introduced ourselves to each other. Turned out she was pretty cool and was just wanting to mess with me. What she didn't realize was that I was gonna mess right back.

Friday, August 25, 2006


I don't mind embarassing myself. This site is dedicated to cleaning out the closet and showing the world that I have done some crappy art and will continue to do so. Everything that travels from my brain to my hand isn't worthy of Michelangelo (the artist, not the turtle).
This particular TMNT portrayal was done in the late 80's. This, I suppose, is Leonardo because of the sword. I should have drawn Raphael with his sais. He was my favorite at the time because he was a loose cannon. And I'm not talking about the TV or movie turtles but the very first incarnation from the comics when it was very dark. It's all just a bit too silly for me now that I've grown up.
What's that, Sarah? Oh, okay. Sorry guys...gotta go. We're gonna watch the Clone Wars cartoon.

Gallery Presence

Back in the early days of pursuing my art education, I had the opportunity to exhibit at a gallery in Pensacola called "Art on the Tracks." It was a funky little endeavor and some good art was shone while it was in existence. We even hosted an exhibit of art by Howard Finster at one time.
I found this poster today and it set my mind to wandering and wondering about those days...wondering what's happened to those folks. Are they still doing art? Still in Pensacola?
Me? I'm very happy to be making art again and actually having my work in a gallery in Seattle. Now, if only some of it would sell.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Walkin' the Woozle

A page from one of many of my early sketchbooks. I'm pretty sure this one dates back to the mid to late 80's because my style was getting pretty slick and tight. This was an alien character that developed over the years. I think I started drawing him in high school and he just hung around and showed up from time to time. The Woozle was a creature somewhat like a dog that was on board the ship. In my mind, when the Woozle gets upset, he turns into a giant werewolf-type creature. That must be why the alien doesn't like walkin' the Woozle.
I like this drawing. I really think I was pretty good at this stage in the game. Look at the door of the spaceship. That's good stuff. Even the color pencil attempt isn't half bad.

The Gang

When I was in high school, everybody had a nickname. Good or bad, you got called something other than the name your parents gave you. Being the cartoonist of the bunch, I took those nicknames and created a group of superheroes out of my friends. I won't give away the secret identities but the heroes are (clockwise)

- Ramjet - because he drove his car way fast.
- Senor Hefty - because he was hefty. Not sure where the senor part came from.
- Great White Buffalo - because of his size and because he had a friend who lived and breathed Ted Nugent.
- Professor Gonzo - because he lived and breathed Ted Nugent.
- Space Ghost - although not an abino, he was pretty dang white.
- Blurp - a useless sidekick name given to any number of useless hangers-on in the group.

I'm pretty sure some of my other friends ended up with nicknames and hero identities as well. I'll post them as I find them.

Flea Force

There's no date on this drawing but I do remember creating these guys in middle school. There was this guy who used to do these drawings of flea circuses (don't question the mind of a middle schooler) and I just took it a step further. I do know that this drawing doesn't date from that time because they seem a bit too well drawn for my middle school years. I guess this was one of my many attempts to create the newest, hottest, most unique team of superheroes around. So listen up Marvel, DC, Cartoon Network, etc...the Flea Force has arrived!

Mogron the Titan

Okay, I decided to go as far back as I could. This drawing is dated 2-8-76, a mere 4 days after my 14th birthday. Wow! Pretty unsophisticated considering what 14 year olds are capable of these days. I guess back in the day I must have thought this was the bomb. I found this in a composition book of other drawings (that I'll post later). It's funny because on another page I scratched out this monster's name (Mogron) and replaced it with "Titan." I think I like Mogron better. How about Mogron the Titan? Has a mythic quality to it, doesn't it? Can you tell I grew up on a diet of comic books and monster movies? It doesn't show at all, does it?

Friday, June 23, 2006

That 80's Painting

I thought I would include something from this century. I like this painting but my wife won't hang it because she says it's too 80's looking. It was actually done around 2001 (I think). This one was fun because I used sheetrock mud on a piece of plywood. I drew into the surface of the mud and let it dry with lots of texture then I just painted what came out at me. I like it...even if it does look 80's.

Pirate's Chest Volume 3

On this one, I referenced one of my muscle magazines. (I was into working out then...sue me) I also branched out and did the lettering myself. (Stretch, Marty, stretch!) The back cover was a bonus. Woo-hoo!

Pirate's Chest Volume 2

Told you it was awful.

Pirate's Chest Volume 1

I had a friend who taught in the English Department and this was his project. I did 3 covers in all during the early 80's. The first 2 are pretty awful. The third one is better.


This had to have been done during the mid to late 80's. I think I had this matted at one time. Tried to sell a bunch of these at a comic book convention one time. What a big waste of time that was.